The Houston Lodge Society


The Houston Lodge Theosophical Society


It’s Contribution to The Heights

     The Heights has an intangible mystique that defies description, but is as real as a perfume whose source we do not know. This mystique stems from the social awareness of its inhabitants that is fiercely resistant to temptations in the name of modernity, like high-rise structures with their traffic congestion and pollution, or industries adjacent to quiet households. Also preserving the historic landmarks that create a sense of history and old-age appeal. It is sustained by an instinctive affinity for natural living, with the right mix of material success, a fellow feeling for others and anoverriding concern for the environment. Extremism is conspicuous by its absence. To live and let live is the unwritten rule based on the faith that right living by the majority will discourage any anti-social behavior by the few.

     The present Lodge of the Theosophical Society has been in the heart of the Heights since 1979, although the Society itself has an unbroken existence in Houston since 1912. Its members and programs (free and open to the public) are committed to promote its noble aim to create a nucleus of universal humanity without distinction of creed, caste, color or sex. This is the very foundation on which the Heights derives its unique reputation as a tolerant, altruistic and mature body of citizens. Also the Lodge has an unmatched library of philosophical, religious and scientific books, rarely found under one roof that provide an inexhaustible storehouse of knowledge and wisdom, so necessary for the informed society of the future. So its evident that the Lodge is an invaluable asset to the future evolution of Heights to even greater levels of sophisticated and fulfilling lifestyles.

      The present premises of the Lodge were proving insufficient to cope with the increasing number of visitors. Rather than limit its benefits, we doubled the space by incorporating the area occupied by our tenant. Also we intend to allow the place to be utilized by Organizations of similar persuasion, who are handicapped by a lack of space to hold their meetings. Thus our expansion will be doubly helpful, both in our presentations to the public and the public’s access to a hall to hold their presentations.

     The local Theosophical Society is an assured source to the Heights milieu for raising social and spiritual awareness. These are indispensable inputs that no healthy society can do without for its growth. This is possible only if all well meaning seekers of Truth support and sustain the Lodge units efforts to spread the Ancient Wisdom for the promotion of human evolution.

     The Houston Lodge celebrated its Centennial in March, 2012.  Annie Besant’s Charter of March, 1912 still hangs proudly on the walls of our small Lodge, a property kindly donated in 1979 by the Hensons, a theosophical couple.

                                               Our Staff members:

        President: Triet M Le                               Vice President: Shanthi Jessa

        Secretary: Lien P- Ly                                  Treasure: John Attia

        Librarian: Bich Duong                         TOS Liaison : Thimothy Ly

                 Advisor: Fali Enginneer & Anne Sermons Gillis & Carmella Gibson &  Linda Mc Quinn