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                            MEETING ON APRIL 15, 2017

Group Study:      “The Use of Evil,” Chapter 11 of the book “The Spiritual Life” by Annie Besant

Facilitator:           Ms. Ananda Nannee  

Time:                   10:00 a.m.

Brief Description of the Study Material

The mystery of evil has challenged the minds and hearts of human beings for hundreds of years.  The author throws some light on the mystery of evil.  The author explains that evil originates in limitation, that what we call evil is “often a veil over future good,” and that we can “use evil in our own perfecting.”  Some questions answered by the chapter are as follows.  (i) What are the purposes served by evil? (ii) How do we escape from evil?  (iii) How do we use evil to break the bonds that tie us to the wheel of birth and death?  Please come to the meeting to discuss the chapter, and share your insights of the chapter with other seekers. 

Short Bio of the Facilitator:

Ananda Nannee was first introduced to Theosophy by Billie Gollnick, the founder of School of Yoga in Houston.  While Ananda was studying Yoga, Billie would often held up a book called “Yoga,” by Ernest Wood, and told the students that Mr. Wood was her Yoga Teacher.    Later in San Diego California, Ananda wandered quite by chance into an office of Theosophy Lodge.   In the office of the Theosophy Lodge, she was introduced to “Isis Unveiled,” a book that she loves and has read for many years.    Ananda is a member of the Houston Lodge of the Theosophical Society. While facilitating the chapter on “The Use of Evil,” Ananda hopes to explain the moral of the story, “How the worst thing that they can do to you, can become your greatest blessing”


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