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                             MEETING ON MARCH 18, 2017

Group Study:      “The Supreme Duty,” Chapter 10 of the book “The Spiritual Life” by Annie Besant

Facilitator:           Mrs.  Elena Schmidt

Time:                   10:00 a.m.

Brief Description of the Study Material

The title of Chapter 10 of the book “The Spiritual Life” is “The Supreme Duty.”   The author begins the chapter by asserting that “only by service is fullness of life made possible; the whole of the universe is yoked to the service of humankind. Every individual should be pledged to the service of humanity.” The author lists several types of service we can perform on the physical and mental states of consciousness.   Some questions that are answered in the chapter include: (i) What are the roles of philosophy, science and religion in our life?  (ii) What are the differences between right livelihood and right living? (iii) What is the great work done in silence? (iv) How high ideals influence our lives? Please come to the meeting to discuss the chapter, and share your insights of the chapter with other seekers. 

Short Bio of the Facilitator:

Mrs. Elena Schmidt was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. It used to be Leningrad, city of Lenin, in the Soviet Union at the time of her birth. She worked as a guide at the Hermitage museum at St. Petersburg.  She came to the United States in 1992 to work on testing of Russian space nuclear reactors as an interpreter for Russian engineers and technicians. She saw a launch of Space Shuttle on TV and decided to go and work in the NASA Johnson Space Center. She is very grateful to the United States of America for providing her the amazing opportunity to work in the space program. She was presented a book on Lord Krishna in her teens and she is trying to find her way to him ever since.


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