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The Houston Lodge of the Theosophical Society

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         MEETING ON AUGUST 20, 2016

Group Study:      “Devotion and the Spiritual Life,” Chapter 4 of the book “The Spiritual Life”  by Annie Besant

Facilitator:           Ms. Anne Sermons Gillis

Time:                   10:00 a.m.

Brief Description of the Study Material

The title of Chapter 4 of the book “The Spiritual Life” is the “Devotion and the Spiritual Life.” 

According to the Upanishads, there are two paths for the finding the Self, and they are (i) the Path of Knowledge and (ii) the Path of Devotion. The author mentions that on the path of devotion, love is the impulse, the love that is ever seeking to give service to all, and that “the Soul is ever turned to the Light above, not that it may be enlightened, but that it may serve as focus and channel for that Light, to pass it on those who are in darkness.”  Some glimpses of the inner life of a true devotee are provided.  Additional ideas discussed in the Chapter include: (i) the true meaning of renunciation, (ii) the steps of the path of knowledge, and (iii) ways of acting to be free of karmic consequences to ourselves.  As you read Chapter 4 of the book, please put down ideas that have been helpful to you in living a spiritual life, and do come and share your insights with other members. 

Short Bio of the Facilitator:

Rev. Anne Sermons Gillis has a BPS in Recreation Therapy and gerontology and a Master’s of Science in Counseling. She is minister and in 1984, she cofounded Connection Church (Connection Center for Spiritual Growth) in Memphis, TN and served as the senior spiritual guide until 1998. She moved to Houston, Texas as a result of a strong inner urging and met her mate two weeks after arriving. They married five years later. They continue to live in the Houston area. Gillis is the founder of the EZosophy movement. Thousands continue to benefit from the principles of EZosophy. Her humor and frivolity set her aside from many teachers. She is sincere, but not serious. Gillis contends that life is not as hard as we make it; it is time to lighten up and enjoy life.  “Our work and lives are an expression of love, not a chance to punish ourselves with relentless doing.”

Rev. Gillis has been called the foremost expert on ease. She is an international speaker, author of three books, breath worker and personal growth coach. She is the past President of the Houston Lodge of the Theosophical Society. Gillis publishes a weekly newsletter, The EZ Secret Anne’s wisdom, humor, and exuberant presentation style make learning fun. Armed with years of experience in human dynamics, Gillis consistently delivers more than promised. She teaches people how to have accomplishment without struggle by presenting refreshing material that is immediately accessible. “Life is not meant to be a series of to-do lists punctuated by eating and sleeping.” says Gillis. Her approach to nondualism is called Radical Presence.  YouTube video of one of her talks can be found at the following link:

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Pk02LivN_90


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The Lodge meetings are usually on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month from 10:00 a.m. to noon and are free and open to the public.  Feel free to bring a friend.

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