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                                  MEETING ON DECEMBER 3, 2016

Presentation:      The Philosophy of Taoism    

Speaker:              Mr. Han Chee

Time:                   10:00 a.m.

Brief Description of the Presentation

Taoism is the philosophical tradition founded by Lao Tsu and expounded in his book Tao Te Ching.  Tao is said to be the Ultimate Reality and Taoist ideas include effortless action, inner cultivation and naturalness.   One of the basic tenets of Taoism is that “change is the most basic character of things,” but Tao, which underlines all things, is unchanging.  Mr. Han Chee will give a brief history of Taoism, but his talk will mostly focus on health and longevity from the perspective of Taoism.   

Short Bio of the Speaker:

Mr. Han Chee has been a student of the Tao philosophy for about twenty five years.   Through his martial arts training, he came to realize that he has been a Taoist for over half a century.   Mr. Chee is a teacher by training, and he is involved with creative ways of delivering knowledge to those who want to learn.  More information about health, longevity and BEEES can be found at the Mr. Chee’s website: http://www.kim22.org/?page_id= 377


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