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                                                MEETING ON NOVEMBER 16, 2019

Group Study:       “Evolution of the Higher Ego,” Chapter 7 of the book “Evolution of the Higher Consciousness” by Pablo Sender

Facilitator:                         Rev. Anne Sermons Gillis 

Time:                    10:00 a.m.

Brief Description of the Study Material

The Egos, who as divine beings, in order to become one with the whole, need to purify themselves. For this, they must experience the differentiated universe on two levels—as a spiritual Individuality and as a physical personality. H.P Blavatsky wrote in the Secret Doctrine that “Manas is immortal, because after every new incarnation it adds to ātma–buddhi something of itself, and thus assimilating itself to the monad, shares its immortality.”  The chapter explores the monad’s “re-ascent” back to the spiritual planes. Come and share your insights of your study of Chapter 7 of the book with your fellow brothers and sisters.

Short Bio of the Facilitator:

Rev. Anne Sermons Gillis is known as the Minister of Mirth, and the Mother of the EZosophy (easy-osophy) Philosophy. She was the co-founder and senior minister of the Connection Church in Memphis, TN where she served for 14 years. She is the author of five books, including Offbeat Prayers for the Modern Mystic and EZosophy. Gillis publishes a weekly e-newsletter http://archive.aweber.com/theezsecret and is an interfaith minister who advocates for the absolute right to freedom of religion and affirms the truth in all religions, faiths and spiritual traditions. She is sincere, but not serious. She is the past president of the Houston Lodge of the Theosophical Society.

Lien Pham- Ly (Secretary)



The Lodge meetings are usually on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month from 10:00 a.m. to noon and are free and open to the public.  Feel free to bring a friend.

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